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Taking Notes

  1. Be Brief: Make your notes as short as possible. Don't take down every word the teacher/book says. Instead, decide what is most important.
    1. Generate abbreviations for common words. (ex. Gov't = Government)
    2. Sometimes with your book it helps to read a whole section before writing anything down. This helps you put the information in your
      own words and makes sure that you do not write too much.
  2. Organize: Have a system for organizing your notes. One recommended system is Cornell Notes System.
  3. Think: Be actively involved in the information, not just a sponge soaking it up. Ask questions if you are confused or make a note to yourself to look it up later.
  4. Review: Go over your notes sometime after you took them (ideally within 24 hours). This will help you understand and remember the information.
  5. Study Buddy: Your classmates may have picked up on something you did not. You may want to get a study buddy to compare notes with and review with before class. This will also help you retain information as it will encourage you to read the material a second time in that important 24-hour period.